Primary Focus:  See schematics at bottom of page ...
-  Water Reclamation and reuse in food plants
-  Wastewater treatment and sludge usage
-  Caustic reclaim and increased solution life
-  Energy management - tools
-  CO2 self manufacture and purificati
On a global basis, major corporations, industrial plants and business
communities are addressing how to use our world's resources in a manner that
does not steal the future from our children and generations to come.
Sustainability, addressing water, energy and raw materials can offer both
operational and financial benefits in addition to it being the "right" thing to do.
1.   Water savings with improvements in quality, operational use and in
  reducing wastewater surcharges.
2.   Reducing energy usage and cost ... with improvement in performance
  and reduced shut-down time.
3.   Smart controls to improve operation, reduce man-hours and save
4.  Targeting raw materials that can be reclaimed or treated to extend
 useful life.  In all such cases this should be accompanied with quality
 and operational improvements.   Mainly for "International" bottlers using
 the returnable bottle, this flow schematic is a proven caustic solution
 reclaim (extending useful life) system.

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