Technical material for review or downloading will be made available on a timely basis.  See
"Broad History" section of "Contacts & About Tri-Lake" for other papers, presentations,
research, patents and awards involving Tri-Lake personnel
1.   Water and Wastewater - Plant Audit for
"Food and Beverage" operations.

Presentation addresses plant audits and
their potential for cost savings, cost
avoidance and operational benefits.
2.   Food Quality - Contamination Control.  An article from "Food Quality" on proper
sanitizing of carbon towers
An extremely efficient method of sanitizing and
minimizing organic growth in Carbon Towers.

Hot water sanitizing at 180 - 185 F. while the unit is in
the process of being backwashed, (and the carbon
suspended) leaves bacteria and organic growth with
no place to hide.   

Helps assure maximum site availability for THM
3.  Beverage World -
Reducing energy costs
4.  Wastewater Minimization
and Treatment.   
Presentation to the
International Society of
Beverage Technologists
Presentations - Publications - Studies - Audits - Research
5.   Enhanced Removal of Chloramine
with Activated Carbon

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