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Quickly removing labels and straws from "returnable bottles" as they are being washed and
cleaned can greatly improve the performance of the bottle washer, lessen rejects and increase
the useful "life" of the caustic/bottle washing solution.
Label Removal
Straw Removal
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Quickly removing labels from the bottle washer accomplishes a number of important actions:

-  Improve the heat exchange efficiency of the washer.  Pulped labels will coat heat      
   exchange surfaces of the machine and reduce the cleaning action of the bottle washing
   detergent.  Both increase energy costs.

-   With labels removed quickly and before they pulp, the cleaning and sanitizing actions
    are efficient and effective.  Rejects are lower and label bits remaining on the bottle are

-   Quick removal of labels improves the cleaning and sanitizing actions and will help
    extend useful "life" of both the caustic solution and additives.

This site will offer detail and drawings on both stand-alone label removal systems and label
removal systems built into the bottle washer.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.
The smartest approach to removing straws is to use a method that removes all, or most of the
straws, prior to the bottles entering the rinse section of the bottle washer.

-  Physical clamping devices have been developed that remove all straws from the
   bottles that protrude above the bottle lip.  
-   Air blowers are often used to blow air into the bottle and air-flush the straws

-   Both approaches have been used with bottles on the conveyor or with cases prior
   to the uncaser.

This site will add detail on both approaches as it is developed