Caustic Reclamation and Treatment
For bottling operations using the returnable bottle, the management of both the bottle
washer, and the caustic solutions that are used for cleaning and sanitizing the bottles, are
critical operations.  Examples:

 1.  These are large machines that require extensive and faithful maintenance, and  
      servicing, to assure efficient operation and performance.

  2.  The caustic or bottle washing solution must be maintained at both a high caustic
       concentration and a high temperature to assure a clean and sanitary bottle.

  3.  Labels and straws must be effectively removed.  Labels before they can pulp and
       straws before they can get into the cleaning compartments

Tri-Lake has extensive experience in treating caustic solutions to extend their useful life.  
This can save operating costs and greatly reduce issues and costs in disposing of the spent
solutions.  Contact us for normal recommendations or for special situations such as being
experienced today in a number of international locations.

See label removal section for effective approaches to removal of labels and straws.

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